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We are a family owned business that offers a variety small breed pet pigs (including: Micro Pigs, Mini Pigs, Teacup Pigs, Micro Juliana/Painted Pigs, & Toy Pigs) for family pets, personal companionship, personal therapy, and certified therapy assistance along with exceptional customer service! Our #1 priorty is to make all of our customers happy, by selling healthy & friendly pigs. We specialize in finding your family the perfect pet piggy and will even include everything that you will need to get you started off on the right foot with him or her! From a care booklet, to grooming essentials, toys & food! When you get your piggy to take home, you will have everything that you need and then some! We are also always available to answer any questions or go over any concerns that you may have about your piggy.


We understand that money can be tight, and alot of families that want one of these little guys dont want to spend the extra or just simply cant afford it. Thats why we offer payment plans to fit into your budget & as well as PayPal financing with flat rates.


 This all started out as a hobby for us with these little guys in 2004 and we enjoyed them so much we decided to become not only a well known breeder, but a rescue as well and share our babies & knowledge with people all over! This went from a hobby for us, to a business in 2007. Over the years we have made many friends as well as & client relationships, have saved and homed 100's of pigs, and have even made dreams come true for people that have always wanted one of these little guys, but never thought it would happen. We have sold and adopted out pigs for various things including pets, therapy pets for children & adults with special needs, companions, therapy assistance pigs, breeding programs & show!


All of our pigs are handled and socialized from day 1! Most are already potty trained before going to their new homes! They are also checked out by the vet, and receive any needed vaccines prior to purchase. Vet records and breed verification will come with your pig when you purchase him or her, as well as an indefinite size guarantee & 30-90 day health guarantee. We also offer spay & neuter services prior to pick up for very reasonable fees. Vet services & specialized food that can only be obtained by vets & licensed breeders are offered at a discounted rate to all current and any new clients and we are ALWAYS here to help with any questions or concerns that you may have, along the way!





We take calls & text everyday from 7am-7pm. Emails anytime (please allow 24hrs for response) 

Tel: 863-517-5510


We will no longer be accepting any visits to the farm, due to several reasons, but mainly vet recommendation & the health of our babies. We do however offer an exchange policy on our babies so you are not stuck with something you may not be happy with! 

Please click the link below to better understand our policy change in depth.


Shop for your pigs toys, vaccines, feed, & more from the comfort of our home.

Many to choose from!

We have bottle babies, formula babies, & just weened babies. Several babies to choose from. All friendly & healthy & will stay small!


What Makes Us Different From Other Breeders...


We understand when people start searching for Micro Pigs, Teacup Pigs, Mini Pigs or any type of Small Breed Pig, that determining where & who to purchase from can be a very difficult decision! Every breeder wants you to purchase from them, and a lot of them will tell you anything they think that you want to hear, just to get your money and after they achieve their goal of getting your money, you can never get a hold of them again! We have had so many tell us horror stories about this happening to them and within just weeks of them getting their pig, it dying or them having to spend hundreds of dollars on it because of it being sick! 

With us, you don't have to worry about any of that! All of our pigs have routine physicals, vaccines, new home physicals or shipping physicals within 10 days of them leaving our hands & going into yours and paper documentation of these are provided to you. We do this to ensure the health of your family & our pigs! We are also available to answer any questions that you may have, along the way, so you can enjoy your pig to the fullest! These are just a few things that make us different from most, but the main thing is that WE CARE! We want you to be happy with your purchase. That is why we offer exchanges to everyone that purchases from us. If for some reason the pig that you picked, is not a match for your family or their job, we will exchange them for you for FREE! We also provide a health guarantee, so if something was to happen to your pig, or it was to get sick, it will be replaced or treatment & medication will be provided to you for free within the warranty period and if that period has been exhausted, no worries! We can still provide you any services needed at a highly discounted rate and finally, upon purchase, we provide you with tips, specific breed information, a diet plan, instructions, & everything you need to get you started with the exception of a crate & heat source, and those can be purchased from us, along with maintenance medications, lots of cool toys, harnesses, leashes, special feeders, activity toys, beds, formulated food for only small breed pigs, and more! We have tried to pull everything together, so we are able to provide all of our clients with anything they need, at anytime, with the convenience of not having to make several phone calls & run all over the place to get what you need for your pig!

Don't just take our word for it, check out some of our client reviews on the home/available pig page. There is also several on our Facebook page as well!












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