By appointment or meeting only. We no longer allow visitors to our facility per recommendation of our vet. Please click on the link below to better understand the reasoning behind this.
We appologize for any inconvience!
Calls will be answered during the hours of 7am to 6pm depending on our availibility.  Emails are usually answered within the hour, but please allow 24hrs for response due to extremely heavy email volume.
Tel: 863-517-5510
Fax: 863-805-0772
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If we do not answer your call, please leave a message, send a text message, or email us! We will get back with you as soon as possible.

      Our Goal

Our #1 goal is to sell and adopt out healthy pigs that our customers are 100% satisfied with. We will take the time to answer ALL your questions and educate you as much as possible on the care & well being of these little guys to ensure that you are happy owners with happy piggies!

Serving All Of FL & Others

We are located in just North of Miami FL, but have been serving all of FL since 2008. Currently we have clients in 48 states! We have grand shippers, as well as flight shipping available for all of the US!


PLEASE NOTE: If you are located in a different state and wish to reserve a baby until we travel to your area, the baby's health guarentee DOES NOT start until the day AFTER you pick him/her up. So you are still covered for the full amount of days!

Returns, Exchanges, Replacment & Refunds


Returns- For any reason, at anytime, you can no longer keep your baby, we will take him or her back, have them checked by our Vet and once they have been cleared by the Vet, they will be placed on the adoption list to find them a great home. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


Exchanges- Once you get your baby, you will have 15 days from the day after the purchase date to exchange him or her if for some reason they do not fit well with your family, or any other personal reason/issues that you may have.


Replacment- In the unfortunate event something was to happen to your baby after you have purchased him/her, as long as it is at no fault of your own, or due to your own negligence he/she will be replaced with in 15 days of purchase date.


Refunds- Do to the nature of our business, and every penny received being turned back around and spent out on our animals & facility we will not issue any refunds at anytime, for any reason.

   Our Guarantee

Healthy Pigs That Stay Small!


We supply all of our customers with an indefinate size guarantee on PAPER and breed & sized verification signed by a Vet!


We have heard horror stories of these people paying over $1000 for their precious piggies and were promised they would stay small, only to find in the coming months that their babies have reached over 100 lbs!


We have worked very hard to get small pigs from all over for our breed stock and would only purchase pedigreed pigs that have pedigrees that go back a minimum of three generations so we know for sure what size to expect out of our breed stock. Therefore we know exactly what we are selling and will stand behind their size & health 100% and give this to each one of our customers on paper with every purchase.


Thank You,

for you business!!!


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