It is very important pigs receive an adequate diet in order to stay healthy. Your pig becoming over weight is just as unhealthy as him being under weight. Always remember, what is good for us, is just as good for them and if you will not eat it, don't feed it to them!


These guys do not require alot of space or exercise! They are very comfortable in the livingroom with access to a doggy door! If you are not equipted with a doggy door, no worries! They are just as happy being inside all day using a litter box, and going for a short walk from time to time or staying in their kennel/crate while your away. They do however, enjoy having their own space. Their very own blanket & bed has proven to be very helpful, especially if you crate them during the day.


Pigs are very affectionate animals that need a consistant schedule, structure, training, and to be well disciplined to thrive the most and do well. They also enjoy being around their family. They bond with their family very early in life and do not care much for people outside their family. However, you can socialize them early on and they will do great with anyone and will enjoy being around all people.

If you purchase a baby from us, you will receive a copy of our vet recommended diet & feeding schedule. This is what we use and it is very effective in keeping your pig healthy & helping them to maintain their correct weight. It also keeps them full! A hungry pig is not a happy pig!

A small breed pigs diet will vary depending on age. But is very important throughout their entire life!


Obvisouly a 3 day old baby pig will either need to be with its mother, or on a good formula specifically made for pigs! Alot of other sites will tell you not to purchase a bottle fed pig, because they are impossible to keep alive! However that is NOT the case! We have raised several, because here in FL because  alot of time the Mothers milk either wont drop or it is bad because of the heat and humidity. So we leave it up to the purchaser! However we do not recommend purchasing a baby less than 3wks of age. If we have a bottle baby, and that is what you want, thats what you get! But you will need to be sure to read up on our policy about purchasing a bottle baby because they will not be warrantied after 24hrs from the time you receive him/her unless they are over 3wks of age. Also whatever type of milk/formula they are on, the name of it is provided to you, and depending on refrigeration and your location, a supply of aprox. 5-10 days will be provided to you with directions!


As the pigs start to get a little older and start nibbling on solids. Yogurt, & stage 2 baby foods are great starters! But it is a must, that any baby stays on formula or milk until a MINIMUM of 6wks of age. 10 to 12 wks is even better!


From there you will start working in solids "real textured" food, with whatever diet you choose. Alot of the time, you will have to grind them up into small chunks & gradually mix them in with formula, baby food, etc. However, sometimes you will have a baby that will eat them just as they are & continue drinking their formula as well.


Once they are out of the "baby" stage, we recommend a diet consisting of 3 meals per day, including LOTS of fresh veggies & some fruit & lean meats mixed in as well. A diet plan will be provided to you upon purchase.


We offer a Vet Recommended Specially Formulated Blend of Small Breed Pig Chow that is available for multiple stages of life, including the formula. SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE ON THESE PRODUCTS! 


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