What We Are Doing to Help & Why We Need Your Help!


We are willing to DONATE one Therapy Pig per month for a child or adult that qualifies! We can donate, but need your help to make this sucessful! Each person that receives a donated therapy pig will need enough donations to cover the cost of alteration, vaccines, &  physicals before the pig leaves for its new home to make 100% sure it is healthy and qualifies for the job it will be going to fullfill. Also, 12 mo supply of wormer, and 12 mo supply of food, to make sure the families of the disabled person that are receving the animal are covered for at least 1year, as alot of these families are stretching to make ends meet because of missed time from work due to surgeries, travel to appointments, etc. We will also need to cover the shipping costs for them as well if applicapable, because due to several conditions that qualify, the beneficiary of the therapy pet is unable to travel.


The full donation amount needed will vary per person due to the location the pet will be going, the gender of the pet, as there is a significant cost difference in the alteration of a male & female, and the first stages of training required to get this pet ready for the job it will be fullfilling. The vaccines, physicals, food, & wormer all have a standard cost and we have vets working with us to offer these services at a discounted rate for the cause. We also have qualified volunteers covering the social evaluations to make sure the pig sent is a match for the receiving beneficiary and trainers for the first stages of training to provide their services at a highly discounted rate.









































Have A Heart

and Help someone with special needs!



How Can I Nominate Someone to Receive a Donated Therapy Pig?


Click the "Application" link" below to nominate someone to receive a donated therapy pig. When nominating someone, you will have to fill out the application below and email or mail it to us to review. Application needs to be directly to ogftp@yahoo.com. Please put "Therapy Pig Application" in the subject line. Once email has been sent, please send a seperate email to make sure we received your application. If mailing application, contact us for mailing address. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive a response before contacting us again.






What Makes Someone Eligable For Receiving a Donated Therapy Pig?


Anyone that has a disability that impairs them from being able to complete regular daily tasks or be able to function socially. Anyone that is considered special needs or that is terminally ill is also eligable.

As the demand for therapy pigs increases, unfortunatally so does the price to be able to obtain one. Small Breed pigs are being used more often, everyday all over the world to assist with therapy and special needs because of their intelligence level, them being hypoallergenic & also because they seem to drawn to people with certain conditions and special needs. A therapy pig tends to calm certain situations, stimulate motor function to those with difficulties, stimulate socialization for those in need, give the feeling of acceptance and relation to those in need, and much more! They will also create a bond like no other animal can provide with a life long friendship.



Check out the video below to see how this one pig, helps so many!.

Help Madison get a Therapy Pig to assist with her progress and to also give her a much wanted and deserved buddy!

Madison is a sweet, energetic 4 year old girl who has had a rough start. She was born premature due to a placenta rupture and had to stay in the NICU for a month with complications. She has many medical problems including Sensory Processing Disorder, Speech Apraxia, Chiari Malformation and has undergone brain surgery in 2012. Madison also suffers from seizures, caused by the malformation. Madison LOVES animals and wants something she can cuddle & play with. Her allergies will not allow her to have a dog or cat in close quarters. But also, due to her Sensory Processing Disorder and Seizures, Madison needs something that is durable and not frightened easily. A pig is a perfect match for Madison! Small Breed Pigs are very durable & are frightened by almost nothing once they have bonded. Their extremely docile temperament, gentle disposition, and durable body make them an ideal candidate for these situations. Madison's Mother, Doctors, & Therapists believe that Madison would greatly benefit from having pet pig to assist her in therapy & verbal communication, as she most often uses sign language to communicate, but she will actually talk too & try to verbally communicate with animals.


Animals give a feeling of trust & acceptance to children that will often make them want to communicate with them, where more often than not, people don't. People tend to give off a negative vibe & a feeling of unacceptance, which can often cause an adverse effect and make children more withdrawn from verbal communication.  


By Madison getting a pig, and everyone working with Madison & her pig, by using her pig to assist and engage in activities, it is very likely that Madison will excel in several things she has so many difficulties with. 


Madison needs enough donations to cover $800. This will cover the alteration, vaccines, first steps of training, and food & wormer for 1 year. Plus all the little things the pig will need to get her family started. Our vet has also agreed to cover any medical or health expenses over the next year, from when she gets her pig, if the pig was to become sick or injured.


Madison's Pig will be hand picked from one of our upcoming litters by one of our people that do the social evaluations. Once the pig has been picked, it will then be worked with everyday on socialization and as soon as the trainers feel the pig is ready, it will began the first steps in training for its job. Once the pig is old enough to have had all the recommended vaccines & alteration and the trainer & vet both are ready to sign the release, pending funds of course, the pig will then be released to Madison & her Mother! And of course pictures will be provided, upon Madison's Mom's approval!


Please check out Madison's Facebook Page

as well! All likes & shares for her page is appreciated more than you know!



Check out the video of what this child's parents had to say about his Pig & why they fought so hard for him to keep it!

Donate to help Madison!


We have set up a donation link to assist with the help of the costs to cover Madison's Pigs alteration, vaccines, first steps of training, and 1yrs. supply of wormer & food.






             $5                                                       $10











               $30                                            $50







Click the donation link above for the amount you wish to donate. If the amount you wish to donate is not provided, please click the "email us" link and let us know the amount that you would like to donate and we will go in & provide a link for that amount. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know, as we will be posting names in a "Thank You" section.

Donations Made as of 5/20/14


Anonymous -Will match every donation made dollar for dollar!

Krystal McIntosh of Sumterville, FL  $20

Scott Jackowski of Fort Myers, FL  $20

Lisa Fountain of St. Petersburg, FL  $5

Karen Barett of Melbourne, FL   $20

Sherri Rosbough of Immokalee, FL  $20

Teri Starritt of Sevierville, TN   $75





Total Amount Received: $160.00 as of  5/20/14

Total Amount After Dollar for Dollar Match: $320.00 as of 5/20/14




                        Thank You!


How Is It Determined Who Will Receive The Donation Each Month:


All applications will be carefully reviewed. Anyone with a prescription will receive priority. The ones without a prescription will be based on the type of condition they have and the severity of their condition.

What if enough money is not raised to cover the other costs:


The applicant will have the choice to continue the funraiser, refund the donations, add the remaining amount themselves, allow us to use towards the nominees medical expenses or equiptment, or allow us to pay towards something the nominee is in need of. The applicant will not receive any donated funds, as the funds were donated to the nominee for help with receiving assistance, so all funds will only be used for the nominee, if not refunded to the donators if enough is not raised to cover the other expenses.


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