Responsibility & Policy Form



This form will explain your responsibility to the Pig and our responsibility to you, when you choose to purchase from us. Please read carefully and make sure you understand all responsibilities, on our behalf and your own and make sure you are willing to except these before making your purchase. This is your copy to keep for your records, however by signing the invoice/receipt, which you will also obtain a copy of, you acknowledge that you read, fully understand, and agree to everything on this form.


Sellers Responsibility

Our responsibility to you is to make sure we are selling a healthy pig to you that has passed a health evaluation and any other required evaluations, to make sure you are aware of any special care needed or any problems or complications your Pig has had in the past, to make sure you have everything needed to get started with your new addition, and to answer any questions you may have pertaining to your new addition honestly and to the absolute best of our knowledge. It is our responsibility if you have a question that we cannot answer to do our best, to find the answer for and to make sure that when leaving with your new addition that you are comfortable with taking your Pig home and are satisfied with our services.


New Owners Responsibility

Your responsibility is to make any concerns you have known so they are no longer concerns and to ask any questions you have and to make sure you understand the answers given. It is also you responsibility to give your new addition a loving, caring & safe environment, to provide any medical treatment ever needed and to contact us if you cannot find or afford treatment so we can help you in doing so.  Last, but not least, it is your responsibility to make sure that all paperwork filled out and signed is read and understood before signing and if you ever become in a situation to where you can no longer keep or care for your Pig that you make sure he or she is returned to us, so we can find him or her another good home so he or she can have the opportunity to live the rest of their life to the fullest.



It is our policy that when you adopt a pig from us, that if something was to happen to him or her within the first 5 days after the purchase date (stipulations do apply for bottle babies, see below) or if there is a personal problem or any concerns or issues your having with him or her,  within the first 15 days you have them, beginning on the day after adoption, we will replace him or her with another pig we have available and if there is not one available, you will be contacted as soon as we get another one on our adoption list to see if you’re interested. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS GIVEN AT ANYTIME FOR ANY REASON. Since all fees are based per Pig, if you return your pig or if something did happen and you do choose to purchase another, if the adoption fee you paid is less than the one you adopted to start with your account will be credited and you may use your credit for any of the services we offer (See our brochure for details on services offered). If the adoption fee is greater, than the other, you will be responsible to pay the remainder.  Your “sale contract” must be completed, signed, & returned within 10 days of the date you received your pig, or all policies & guarantees are voided. ALL TERMS & CONDITIONS/POLICIES ARE POSTED ON OUR WEBSITE FOR ALL BUYERS TO VIEW PRIOR TO PURCHASING. The buyer has been or will also be provided with a copy of our policies. By making payment to us & purchasing a live pig or any of our products or products that we carry,  buyer acknowledged & fully agreed to all of our policies, terms & conditions. By making a payment, whether it be a deposit to hold or payment in full, you agree to all OGF's terms & conditions and understand we have a strict NO REFUND policy. There will be no refunds issued at any time, with the exception in the event that you DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR PURCHASE due to our negligence. Otherwise we will never issue refunds for any reason! "Changing your mind" DOES NOT QUALIFY you for a refund. A portion of the payment or the entire deposit goes to the vet for the services completed, the parasite prevention packet that comes with your purchase, informational paperwork, & the starter pkg/gift box of things to get you started & begin routine upkeep, etc. Make sure you intend to follow through with your purchase, before you place a deposit to hold because NO REFUNDS will be issued at any time. Only credits will be issued to your OGF account to use toward another purchase through OGF & has no cash value. If you have not read OGF's terms & conditions on the website, please read it and make sure you fully understand everything on it BEFORE paying, because when you make a payment you are agreeing to all of our terms, policies & conditions.



 Bottle Baby Policy

If you cannot get him or her to eat, you MUST contact us to make arrangements to return the pig until he or she is fully weaned. If you fail to do so, we will not be responsible for him or her. We will work with you every way possible on getting him or her to eat for you. Sometimes this is very easy, to where other times it can be very difficult, as Pigs do not like being moved. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILIITY TO GET THE PIG BACK TO US!

Everything in the above policy applies, except with a bottle baby, if something happens to him or her within those 3 days, you MUST have vet documentation that he or she was medically ill for the above policy to be effective. This is due to people not properly feeding them, feeding them the wrong formula, or not feeding them enough which has resulted in sickness and death of multiple pigs. You may use one of our vets and we will already have the documentation or you can get documentation from your vet sent to us.


Size Guarantee 

 MAKE SURE YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO PURCHASE FROM US!!! We offer an indefinite size guarantee, however due to how small breed pigs originated (genetically altering regular size Vietnamese  Pot Belly Pigs & continually breeding down the size over many years) there is always a chance you could possibly end up with a pig that becomes much larger than either parent, grand parent, or great parent depending on how genetics fall into the particular pig you have chosen to purchase (SEE “ABOUT SMALL BREED PIGS PAGE). According to several Vets & extensive studies, this is rare possibility, but could happen. In the unforeseen event that this does occur, as long as this has not been caused by your failure to provide a high quality diet, we will replace your pig with a baby pig of equal or lesser value for free upon the return of your other pig. Proof of the brand of food you have fed, will be required in the event of a replacement due to size. Upon the return, your other Pig will undergo a series of social testing, along with a physical, and any needed vaccines and/or treatments, then will either be placed on our rescue adoption list, or be placed with a family or petting zoo that is on our waiting list to adopt a rescue pig. WE WILL NOT REPLACE YOUR PIG IF IT EXCEEDS SIZE EXPECTATIONS DUE TO THE OWNER FEEDING A LOW QUALITY DIET/FOOD THAT IS INTENDED FOR FARM PIGS OR ANY GRAIN BASED DIETS!!! YOU CANNOT PURCHASE A GOOD QUALITY SMALL BREED PIG FOOD FROM A FARM STORE, WALMART, PET STORE, ETC. THE ONLY BRAND OF SMALL BREED PIG FEED THAT WE RECOMMEND IS PROPIG.


Health Guarantee 

When you purchase a pig from us, he/she will come with a 30-90 day health guarantee that will be specified on your paper copy of the health & size guarantee paper you will receive in your paperwork. The warranty period in which you will receive is based on the price of the pig.  As long as you contact us with any health issues or concerns, we will go through our vet to get any kind of medication or treatments necessary at a “co-pay” cost to you of $10-$25, that will not cover shipping, handling, & in some cases partial medication costs, as some medications are very expensive. As long as you are within your warranty period, there will never be any “sick” medications with a co-pay that will exceed $25 or additional fees besides the cost of shipping.  Whatever co-pay the medication requires, plus shipping, MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO MEDICATION BEING SHIPPED. There will be no exceptions to this! We will not cover any medical issues that are caused by feeding a low quality food or diet, change in diet prior to the recommended age of “no changes” (10-12 weeks of age or 2 weeks after arrival to their new home), or any recalls on foods, other than the brand(s) we recommend. We keep up with all recalls/issues with the foods that we recommend & we will notify you in the event this occurs.  In rare cases, the vet may require having to see your Pig before treatment. If this happens, it is your responsibility to get the Pig back to us for treatment if you wish to have it covered by us. In the event this happens, you will not be charged anything but the co-pay or partial cost of medication if it is one of the more expensive medications. You have purchased the pig & it is yours, therefore it is not our responsibility to come get the pig or meet you somewhere to get the pig. The pig had a physical before leaving here & if something in question was found, the pig would not leave us until whatever was found, was cleared up & if it was something that was treatable the pig would not be signed off on & allowed to be sold. This takes place so you receive a pig that is 100% healthy. We will NOT drive to pick the pig up from you! This is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!! If we can meet you, we will. But again, ALL of this is a courtesy to our buyers & once you receive your pig, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!  In most cases, the Vet will evaluate the symptoms you have given, so be very specific when describing symptoms, and we will get what you need in the mail to you ASAP.  All sick medications or special vitamin supplements will be covered in the health guarantee through the amount of days specified on your “paper guarantee” form. Any maintenance medications such as parasite preventions, wormers, skin care, etc. are NOT covered in the guarantee and are the new owners responsibility. If your pig encounters some type of sickness that is due to “lack of” giving maintenance medications after 10 days of the purchase date or the date you receive your pig, whichever comes last, you will be responsible for the cost of medications and treatment, so MAKE SURE to keep your Pig up to date on MONTHLY PREVENTION! If your vet does it, they will have record of doing it they can provide, if something was to happen or sickness was to occur. If you get the medication from us, we will keep record of it in your Pigs chart. If any of the above issues occur in the time specified for the health guarantee and there is record of your Pig receiving maintenance medications as recommended, the cost will be covered under the health guarantee at a co-pay or partial medication cost. If your pig receives any medications, treatments, or vaccines from any vet, other than ours, we WILL NOT be responsible in the event that any adverse side effects or fatal reactions occur & we WILL NOT replace the pig (see “paper guarantee” for more information.


SHIPPING/PICK-UP DOCUMENTATION:  Buyer understands and agrees that at the time of pickup/delivery, they will be required to sign & date an additional copy of their invoice or a “shipping slip” to confirm that they did receive what they purchased & paid for via PayPal regardless of the shipping or pickup method, with the exception of flight shipping. Buyer may print an additional copy of their invoice or request a shipping slip to be mailed, to already have signed & ready at that time, or we will provide one & they can take all the time they need to go over it to make sure nothing has been altered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


COLOR(S): Buyer understands that if purchase is made before 16wks, that the colors/patterns/markings, eye color, & nose color may or may not change & your purchase may not have the exact same markings or colors as it did when you made the purchase, depending on the time frame before you receive your purchase. Some colors, spots, & markings will fade or go away & others will appear or brighten and become more noticeable. If you were to receive a different item than what you purchased, we will get you the correct item asap. However everything we have available for sale is temporarily tattooed so this does not happen.  


SOMETHING HAPPENS: In the unfortunate event something happens to your purchase prior to pick up or during transit, you will have the option to choose another. If what you are wanting is not available at that time, you will receive a credit for the amount you have paid, to be used within 12mo from the date the credit voucher is issued. Buyer fully understands there will be NO REFUNDS at any time.

SALE/RELOCATION OF PURCHASE: Buyer understands that if at any time they choose to sell or relocate their purchase they are responsible for contacting us to request a file transfer form to be given to the buyer or new owner at the time ownership is transferred. Paperwork & guarantees/warranties will not transfer to the new owner unless they present the file transfer form along with the applicable fees associated. 

BREEDING CLAUSE: Orange Grove Farms is independently owned & operated & maintains the right to record, keep registry and promote pigs for the benefit of responsible pet owners, breeders, therapists and hobbyists. We strive to raise, own and/or sell or relocate pigs in an ethical & independent manner & have the right & choose not affiliate or partner ourselves with any other breeders, co-breeders, sales or contracted sales of pigs or anything pertaining to pigs such as, but not limited to:  information, photos, food, toys etc. If you choose to start your own breeding program you understand you are fully responsible for providing your own information & photos on or about any care, food, toys, general or any other information, etc. to the clients you obtain & agree to not use ours or anything we have provided to you. You also agree not to use our name in association with sales or breeding of your own or any other program, company, corporation or organization. All buyers that intend to breed understand that if they have purchased a non-sterile pig for breeding purposes and this pig ends up being or becomes sterile in a manner that we have no control over (anything besides us having spay or neuter procedure performed on  the animal prior to you receiving it) we will not be held responsible. Like humans & other animals sometimes pigs are unable to conceive or provide conception due to health reasons that could not have been known prior to breeding age.


NON ALTERED PET CLAUSE (MALE PIGS ONLY): Buyer understands that the sexual maturing process for MALE pigs may begin as early as 3 mo. of age and if a sterilization procedure is not completed prior to 3 months of age OR the start of this process, the animal will become sexually active is able to breed. Breeding is not recommended for small breed pigs, MALES or FEMALES until they are a minimum of 16 months of age. The MALES may also become aggressive & destructive, mount persons, other animals, or household objects, produce bad odors, grow large tusks & urinate in excessive amounts in different areas. Buyer understands that by declining, neglecting, or choosing not to have a sterilization procedure (NEUTER) completed, Orange Grove Farms will NOT  have these services completed prior to the animal leaving us & will NOT be held responsible for any aggression, destruction, mounting, odors, tusks, or anything else that could be potentially caused by testosterone or any other male hormones  that may occur or appear once the animal begins sexually maturing.

(MALE & FEMALE PIGS):  Buyer understands if they choose to have these services completed, they are fully responsible for doing so on their own & Orange Grove Farms will not pay, reimburse, or split any fees associated with the procedure. Buyer understands that if/when they have these services completed, in the event that something happens to the animal, during or after the procedure, Orange Grove Farms will NOT be responsible for replacement of the animal.                                                        


Sick, Wellness Care, and Spay & Neuter Services     

We do offer sick, and wellness care, and spay, & neuter services for anyone that purchases from us. You may use any of these services at any time by making an appointment. By doing so, your accessing these services through Orange Grove Farms, and you understand that we are providing these services through a “Third Party” and will not be held responsible for your Pig or the services your Pig receives.  However in the event something fatal was to happen to your pig under the care of one of the vet’s that we use, we will replace your pig.

Once your purchase papers have been signed, once you are issued a receipt, or the date that you receive your pig, from that date, we are not responsible for any vet visits for any reason. We will not reimburse you or your vet at any time, for any reason. If your Pig becomes ill, or you think they might be, contact us at once, if you do not have a vet or if choose to use one of ours. We can get an emergency vet visit that same day, or a regular visit Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm and every other Saturday 10am to 2pm. Sundays and Holidays are always considered emergency visits and you will be billed for extra charges. Again it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GET THE PIG TO US IF YOU WISH TO GET DISCOUNTED SERVICE PRICES!


Internal & External Parasites/Sarcoptic Mange & Mange Mites

Sarcoptic mange is an external parasite, also known as mange mites, & is very common all over the United States, & especially common is hot and humid areas.  The symptoms are very plain and if treated early, the pig will be fine. This is not contagious to humans, or household pets, only to other pigs. These parasites can be contracted from the grass, or carried in on someone’s shoes & by other pets. The pig or pigs you have purchased have been booster vaccinated against external & internal parasites, including but not limited to mange mites, grub lice, lung worms, round worms, & hook worms. You are supplied the upcoming dose of medication and the date of which it is due on.  The vaccine MUST be given on the date listed on the medication supplied OR IT WILL BE INEFFECTIVE. We are NOT responsible for missed vaccines or ANY internal or external parasites after 10 days of your purchase date. It is THE BUYERS RESPONSIBILTY to purchase and keep maintenance medications & preventions up to date. If you fail to do this, and your pig becomes ill with some type of parasite, we WILL NOT cover the expense for treatment, or replace your pig if something happens, NO EXCEPTIONS! If you choose to use your personal vet or another vet, that recommends only “worming” every 3-6 mo, this is commonly confused with internal parasites only, but we will NOT cover treatment or replacement if your pig becomes ill due any type (internal or external) of parasite. You are not required to follow the recommended schedule of prevention, but if you choose not to follow the recommended prevention schedule or treatment plan, we WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE!  If you think your pig may have this, contact us immediately for plan of treatment. If within 10 days of purchase this occurs, we will cover the treatment costs through our Vet and provide the treatment medication at no cost to you. If this occurs after the 10 days, we can still assist in getting you the medication for the treatment, but you are responsible for the cost of both treatment and medications, plus shipping.



Respiratory System Infections

Respiratory infections including, but not limited to bronchitis & pneumonia, we will not be held responsible for after 3 days of purchase date if you decline to have the pneumonia or flu vaccine (vaccine will only be offered free of charge if we have the pig at the age it should receive the vaccine-8-12wks) or if we fail to provide it. All pigs have a complete physical done within 7 days of the purchase date and must be noted as “ healthy and free of any health issues at this time” before being sold, so we know the pig is 100% healthy when you received it.

 Medications, Vaccines, Wormer, etc.        

Because we do have a contract with the Vet that we use, we are able to get most medications to you via USPS as long as your pig has an open file with the Vet. When you purchase from us, your pig will have an active open file with us for 30 days, after 30 days as long as you purchased a paperwork sale (ALL NON-PAPERWORK SALES ARE EXEMPT), the file will no longer be active, but will continue to be open for 60 days unless you request original records, in which at the time they will be mailed or faxed, the file will be closed indefinitely. New files may be opened by becoming a new patient only. After 60 days, if files are not active, they will be no longer available at any time.

Medications (antibiotics, vitamins, etc)- symptoms must be reported, so they can be noted in your Pigs file. Most of the time, medications can be mailed out without your Pig having to be seen. If the Vet feels the symptoms you have reported are serious, he may require your pig to be seen before prescribing any medications.

Vaccines- can be mailed at any time requested, as long as they are due or past due without the Pig being seen.

Internal/External Parasite Prevention/Combo Wormer- standard combo wormer can be mailed out anytime, in any quantity offered, without Pig being seen. If it is past due, a restart packet will be required & does have additional costs. This medication MUST be given on the due dates to be effective.

*Give us a call, or send us an email anytime you need medications or need to report symptoms. Depending on the seriousness of what is going on, the medications will be mailed out in 1 to 3 business days.

*An invoice will be sent to you after you had made your order, and it must be paid in full before medications are sent. Once payment has cleared, medications will be mailed in 1 to 7 business days, unless labeled urgent.

*We only accept Paypal at this time. Personal Checks will only be accepted if prior approval is made. Money Orders are no longer accepted.


Financial Responsibility   

When receiving any of the Vet Services we offer, you are solely responsible for all services obtained and they must be paid by cash or money order in full before picking up your Pig, unless prior arrangements have been made and a payment promissory note was approved and signed. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Sale Contract Responsibility-CONTRACT MUST BE RETURNED          

You received a “sale contract” in your paperwork. These contracts were designed to protect both the buyer & seller & to also ensure that you read over everything that was sent with you, & understand our policies & the importance of certain things pertaining to your pigs health & well-being. We must have these contracts signed, returned, & on file within 10 days from the time that you received your pig or all warranties & guarantees are voided, as when you made the payment for your pig, you agreed to this.


We strive here at Orange Grove Farms to make sure all of our clients are happy with us & the services that we have provided to them & their families. We also strive to ensure that they receive happy & healthy babies! We try our best to make the purchasing process as easy as possible & offer many additional services & products to where the best and most current available products are available to you & your new addition. If for any reason you are not happy, we want to know & encourage you to contact us so that we can resolve any issues.  We encourage all of our clients to read over all the information we have provided, to ask as many questions as they have & to feel free to contact us at any time for any additional information they may need or any additional questions they may have, even long after the purchase has been completed. We will do our best to keep buyers that choose to stay in contact with us, up to date on new toys, available food blends, treats & any new training methods or general information we come across in the future. We are continually working on improving our website & the availability of current products, but we now have so many clients this is a working progress. Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions regarding our products & their availability because that information may not always be up to date on our website.

Please fully read before purchasing from us!


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