Rescue Pigs

We currently have no rescue pigs available

Our Rescue Pigs come from all over, and all of them have a story! Before any of our rescues are adoptable, they are checked out by a Vet, and put through a series of social testing so we can gather as much information about them as possible so we can get them the best home possible. The series of social testing includes, but is not limited they react and do around different types of other animals (other pigs, dogs, cats, chickens, etc), how they do with children, Men, & Women (which they do better with or shy away from), food aggression, indoor & outdoor behavior. This doesnt list all, but should give you an idea.

An application & approval is required for our rescue Pigs. If your interested in a rescue, have questions, or want an application, please feel free to contact us!





We have been asked by many to set up where funds & supplies can be donated to assist our rescue. We have set up a link to PayPal for donations. If you would like to donate feed or supplies, please contact us and we will be happy to give you any information you need. When you donate, we will send you an invoice, that is detailed, for your records and tax deductions.


If your interseted in fostering a Pig, please contact us and we wil give you the information on becoming a "foster parent" for a precious Piggy!  


As always we greatly appreciate your help & donations!!!



All of our rescue pigs include a copy of their social evaluation & owner surrender form, a physical form, signed by the vet, and their up-coming wormer & any vet recommended vaccines if they were not given during their physical. They also come with a 30 day exchange period & health guarantee. 

Any services we are able to provide through a discounted rate & any items for pigs that we have available are able to be purchased also. We recommend that if purchasing a rescue, you take advantage of any of these! 




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