Will my Pig need yearly shots?

A Pig does not require yearly shots like a cat or dog. However certain vaccines are recommended to ensure your Pig stays healthy. They cannot contract rabies, and if vaccinated for it, it can make your pig sick. When they are very young, it is a good idea for them to receive certain vaccines to help build their immune systems & to prevent sickness's they are prone to getting as babies. Also, if you plan on breeding vaccines are a must so your breed stock will produce healthier babies and larger litters.

     Vet Visits

Pigs do not require yearly check-ups, although its not a bad idea just to make sure they are growing properly & dont have any vitamin deficiencies due to lack of something in their diet.


Most people do not take their pigs to the vet unless they are sick, which rarely ever happens because they have such a strong immune system. If you do take your Pig to the vet, always remember a Pig IS NOT an "exotic" animal, and DOES NOT require an exotic vet. 

Parasite Prevention &  De-wormer

Both Parasite Prevention & de-wormings are very important! Pigs should be wormed with internal/external parasitic medication, which covers internal worms like hook worms, round worms, lung worms, etc but this particular medication also controls & prevents external parasites like mites, pig louse, etc. Mites can be deadly, especially to baby pigs and you can completely prevent all parasites with just one dose of prevention per month!

When worming with just a standard dewormer for INTERNAL parasites, this should be done every 3 mo. This type of medication will NOT cover EXTERNAL parasites, which is the most dangerous. You MUST use a prevention for external parasites every 28 days!


Up until 16 wks of age, your pig will require prevention every 10-14 days. Once they have reached 16 wks of age, it should be given every 28 days or on the schedule your vet recommends, JUST LIKE YOUR DOG & CAT'S FLEA & TICK PREVENTION!


There are some recommended vaccines for pigs to keep them healthier & not at risk if they are ever exposed to other pigs. However NONE of these vaccines are required by state laws & are not mandatory like with a cat or dog. We will provide you will a list of recommended vaccines with your purchase & also resources to obtain these if you chooses to do so!

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Vaccines & Vet Visits...

In a "nut shell", pigs do not require alot of maintenice! Actually alot less than a dog or cat! They like to play, some, but you will never find a pig that will jump up on you or get board and eat your shoes! They can be trained to do the same things as a dog, but learn much faster! However they do require routine, consistency, and strict training for the first few mo in order achieve a well mannered & behaved pig. They have to be taught just like a toddler. As a matter of fact, they are alot like having a toddler!


 Your monthly parasite prevention covers common internal parasites plus the deadly external parasites & is inexpensive. Most vets will even mail it to you, just so you don't have to put your pig thru the stress of going to the vet for a day!


They do not require a heart worm prevention pill or a flea & tick medication every month because they don't get any of them! Their skin is to tough for a flea, tick, or mosquito to be able to penetrate & pigs do not get heart worms!


They don't shed & are actually hypoallergenic! So no worries about having to clean up a bunch of hair, any pet dander, or monthly grooming trips! Baths are very simple & most pigs enjoy them!


From time to time, your pig may need his or her hooves filed or trimmed. This is very easy to do yourself, but most vets will do it as well. If you have tile floorng or if he or she walks daily on concrete, they will keep them filed down themselves.

If you decide to purchase a pig from us, the upcoming dose of the parasite prevention/

combo wormer will be included. Also, we offer discounted vet visits for all of our clients, and will be happy to send your monthly parasite prevention/ combo wormer to you in 1, 3, 6, & 12mo supplies upon request at a discounted rate as well, as long as an "open file" is maintained with the vet we use on the pig that you purchased. All doses are labeled & pre-dosed, with instructions, ready to administer.


To order or check pricing of vaccines, wormer, & medications click above now!

Fleas, Ticks, & Heartworms!-A.K.A PARASITES

Something that makes all of us Pet Owners cringe! But good news if your a pig owner! They do not have issues with fleas, ticks or heartworms & they do not require a prevention for ANY of them! However they DO require a monthly prevention to prevent other parasites, such as mites (a pigs form of fleas), intestinal & lung worms (a pigs form of heart-worms, round worms, etc.). Like dogs receiving a monthly flea, tick, & heart worm prevention, pigs will need their monthly prevention as well for the "pig forms" of these. It is just as important for a pig, to receive a monthly prevention for parasites, as it is for a dog & cat!!!! These are called combo dewormers, parasite prevention, & parasite vaccines & come in many forms (injectable, topical, & oral). The combo dewormers/parasite prevention, prevent pigs from getting ANY parasite that effects them & it is a must that a monthly prevention is given to keep your pig healthy!!! If your pig is less than 16wks of age, he/she will require this medication every 10-14 days, depending on the specific schedule the vet places your pig on. Once they exceed 16wks of age, they should begin an age appropriate schedule of every 28 days (once per mo). 


This medication is a controlled medication (like many of the dog flea/heartworm preventions) and will have to be purchased/ordered from a vet. The medications you can find for this at the "farm stores" is intended for XL animals, specifically feeder, freezer, & show hogs & may have a negative or deadly reaction with pigs under 100lbs. The medication you choose to use for this, should be listed "for small breed swine only". Medications labeled for ducks, chickens, goats, etc. is not the correct medication you will need to prevent parasites that are the swine effecting strain & the parasites pigs get, are the "swine only" effecting strains & will not affect you, your dog, cat, or any other animals BUT Swine/Pigs.


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